Martha's Story @ Survive the Journey

Stacey and Martha had been together for 11 years. During most of those years Martha struggled with IBS and acid reflux. About 6 years ago, they noticed her cheeks were getting "bigger" but her legs and arms were very thin. In fact, until the last 5 years she was a thin/normal woman. Stacey said she would squeeze Martha’s cheeks saying "look at those chipmunk cheeks".

Five years ago her health started dramatically changing. She had an ovarian cyst burst, then after problematic periods she had a fibroid tumor removed and a D&C performed. After that she never had her period. Her GP told her she was going through early menopause. Her strength was never the same. Stacey and Martha thought it was because she was pushing herself too hard with a long commute and getting up very early in the morning. To read the rest....