I haven't done a "personal" post in a while, and debated about doing this one. However, I think it's important to document what honestly goes on in the life of a person who deals with the repercussions of Cushing's on a daily basis.

As a quick recap, I had transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery to remove a pituitary adenoma almost 2 years ago. Prior to the surgery, I had a very Cushie body with numerous symptoms, and had most of those for a very long time (over 20 years). I was already suffering from hypothyroidism, multiple low hormones, and was probably growth hormone deficient, but I didn't test for that prior to surgery.

Since surgery, I have been diagnosed with adult growth hormone deficiency along with my hypothyroidism and my anti-TPO keep going up and up, indicating an auto-immune problem with my thyroid. I have very low levels of estradiol, LH, FSH, and testosterone. Also low are potassium, vitamin D, and ferritin. After surgery I had a problem with diabetes insipidus, but that gradually decreased. I still have days when I think I may have a bit of that, but not often.

Right after surgery, I made so little cortisol on my own that it was next to nil. ACTH was also under the testing limits. I was on 20 mg of cortef in the a.m. and 5 in the p.m as a replacement. Gradually, my levels have come up and a few months ago I was able to wean down to 5 mg a day. I was able to maintain that for the most part. Except....

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