The Journey Begins...

Lifes HighwaysMy name is Steve Owens. My online friends call me sowens. I am a husband, father, son and brother. I have many friends both near and far. I am a veteran. I have a good life and only a few regrets. I am also a Cushing's survivor. Cushing's is a disease that strikes about 200 people a year in the US. In reality, it probably strikes many more who never know what it making them sick. I am fighting recurrent Cushing's, in my case a brain tumor, which has come back stronger than before.
It is my hope to write about this part of the journey to show how the process works. Since my surgery failed at MD Anderson and I have no cure, I have a few options left to try and get better. One of them is a bilateral adrenalectomy or BLA for short. My pathology shows I have corticotroph hyperplasia, which we are told is a rare form of Cushing’s. Another poke in the head probably won’t work and the BLA seems the best option.

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