Sometimes natural is the best way to go

It’s been three weeks since I started on natural supplements to help fine tune my recovery from Cushing’s syndrome. I can honestly say that I feel pretty damn good - not 100% just yet, but I’m getting close.

Here’s a list of the improvements I’ve had since taking the supplements.

* increased energy levels
* longer, more evenly sustained energy levels
* a more restful sleep, no waking up during the night, no tossing & turning
* BIG decrease in appetite
* less cravings for foods high in sugar, fat & salt
* ability to think more clearly
* longer sustained attention span, greater attention to details
* increased libido (I have a sex drive again!)
* noticeable decrease in muscle/joint tenderness
* increase in muscle strength
* noticeable weight loss in my face and torso
* no more hot sweats

Although all of these improvements are exciting, I still have a few residual side-effects that are lingering.

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