Low Vitamin D levels in Type 1 Diabetes

Many of us who face Cushing's know what happens to our vitamin D levels. They drop and we experience the problems caused by the low levels. Many of us fight a lowered immune system and low calcium because of it. It really hampers us and in ways we probably don't even realize. Dr Friedman from Good Hormone Health writes:

Vitamin D appears to have many effects besides being related to calcium and bone health. Some patients with low vitamin D levels have fatigue and bone pain, which is easily reversible with proper replacement of vitamin D. Vitamin D may protect against heart disease and some types of cancer. Vitamin D may also have some role in regulating the immune system and also reducing blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Proper vitamin D levels are needed to prevent osteoporosis. In conclusion, proper vitamin D levels are essential for one’s health, especially if you have thyroid problems. Unless a patient is exposed to sunlight or foods containing vitamin D, screening for Vitamin D deficiency is recommended for all thyroid patients.

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